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oh jlor... hope your monday gets better. for now, here's something to cheer you up...


smile + glee = happy thoughts :D

I absolutely LOVE that little boy dressed as Alex. :))

that dog picture is the cutest thing!

The teddybear in the latte is adorable~

great photos! hope everything works out and you get your mojo back soon :)

The boy is adorable in that 2nd photo!

Love your blog! Adorbs :)

OMG...i need to knit that little dinosaur outfit...where did you find it!!?

oh I hope today was fantastic for you and yesterday got better. I heart you Star girl and I love your inspirational pics especially the panda bear in coffee..
love ya

That hello kitty store is the BEST! As is all the other lovely inspiration photos! I hope you have a LOVELY tuesday!

cute photos! I love the boys, so adorable! By the way, thanks for commenting about my handwriting, I'm honoured. :)

lovely inspiration pictures! everything is gorgeous and that balloon picture, and little boy are our of this world cute


gorgeous pictures
That coffee makes my heart melt a little bit...(ok, so a lot!) and that picture of the fort outside?? ahhh amazing! :)

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