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I vote for Mad Men. Best show ever. You can thank me later, ;)

Mad Men!!! No doubt about it!! You have to be a bit patient though because the first episode is only ok, after that though, you are HOOKED!!!

hands down MAD MEN. but i don't watch True Blood, so that's just my humble little opinion.

I have not seen True Blood, but LOVE LOVE LOVE Mad Men!! :)

hands down.
Holy geez I love that show.

Never watched Mad Men but True Blood had me hooked from the start! Prefer the first series but defo worth watching, I think anyway :)


I love love True Blood but since I'm caught up on that I put Mad Men on my Netflix, I am sooo excited to start it!!!

I tried True Blood, but really couldn't get into it (and I have enjoyed some vampire stuff).

MAD MEN I love!!! The styles are so perfect. Every episode is visually inspiring!

True Blood! :) I've never watched Mad Men though, it's next up on our Netflix que. :)


ooooh that's a toughie - i love them both! i guess i would have to say go for true blood first, since it's so different than big love, plus it's good and campy for a summer show :) then when you're done you can watch made men and get ready for fall :)

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