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Oh I love your cute house!! I am so gald that I was your last visitor too :)
lets skype!

you make epidermis sound like a dirty word LOL :)
Cute tour of your house and your cabinet space makes me jealous!!! Love ya!!!

your survey made me smile! I loved your answers! You are so awesome! :) Love you!

What camera did you use to take the picture of your room? Is it the Holga?

Awww! Thank you for the lovely visit <3
And yes I do all my stitching by hand , I have no sewing machine :D

ah! I got all giddy when I read your comment; I get them very rearely :]
And now that I'm here I cant stop looking at your blog :D
&& the A-Z put a big smile on my face x)

yay...i love this...i need to steal this for my blog too...would make an awesome scrap mini too!

wow, thanks for the peek into your world! I guess, I can put away my telescope. ;-O

Your apt is cute, but much too clean! And I LOVE ramen, I want some!

Happy hump-day girl.

love this post. i think you're funny too ;)

ps i envy your kitchen cabinet space. i swear we get less and less storage space as we move.

pps ramen rocks!

wowwww! your home is wonderful! like, out of a magazine! can we see more photos of it please!?

Cool house! It looks so neat and clean. And i wish i had an Edward Cullen climb up my trees too...hehe.

what a cute post!

(and cute blog!) i'm so glad you commented on mine so that i found you :)

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