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Oh my goodness Jenny! Great Giveaways!!! Eek!! I have something more to look forward to next week <333

Your amazing. I wish I could do spinning classes with you!

AMAZING!!! Best giveaway EVER!!!!! Do we just tweet starting that day? Just want to be sure I do this right cuz I wanna winnnnnn!!!!!!! =)
Love you Jenny Star!!!! xoxo

I want to win @justsweetlove's June Jubilee b/c the best boyfriends out there like to make cute things and write love letters as well!" #JSLgiveaway

Yes, you will be tweeting the day of the giveaway!! xo

Such an awesome giveaway! Count me in!

VintageJohnny makes me smile with his comments.
I started tweeting already :)
This is the most amazing giveaway ever. for reallls
love your face!

woooow, that is amazing! love your giveaway! i tweeted right now:
thank you so much for this awesome chance :-)
have a super weekend
jana from germany

omg i love this! this IS the best giveaway ever! vintage johnny is too much for my heart!

wait so we don't tweet until the 15th?

"I want to win @justsweetlove's June Jubilee b/c it is amazing!" #JSLgiveaway

Tweet account: PeggyHendrick

Correct, you start starting day of the giveaway! :]

OMG...this is an awesome give-a-way!! i can't wait!


OMG- I wish I could figure out how to twitter and tweet!!!

Guess who has two thumbs and blogged about this amazingness??????
*this girl*

Love you and you know I'll be tweeting my little heart out!!

Your giveaway is super cool. I gave a quick tweet today and do it again each day of the giveaway.

wow this is amazing! i tweeted and am following you :)


thanks for the chance!

I am following you! I tweeted about this!

I tweeted and am following you! :) my twitter name is lizabethlou

Eeeps! Can't wait for it to start! xo

this is great! following!

Incredible giveaway! :) Yay


thanks so much for an amazing giveaway. my fingers and toes are crossed. :)

All of this stuff is very cute. I follow your blog. [email protected]

Aww! The lovelyness!
I revived my twitter for the adorable prizes ;D



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