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i tried macaroons for the first time in SF. it kinda tastes like the snackwell's devils food.

Mmmm mmm! I love macaroons! So good.

I love your momiji and I have never had that kind of macaroon.
Maybe it's the Canadian factor but I've only ever had the haystack kind. Those look so delicious!

i'm craving macarons and i've never even had one before!
but cupcakes.... ooooooh yes! :)

p.s. you collect momiji dolls, right? i have one that i got a few years ago - i like it but i've never collected any others so was thinking you might appreciate it more... let me know if you're interested and i will ship her off to you! (dearsuzanne@gmail.com)

ahhh cupcakes & macaroons!!
It's far too early for me to think about those - though I do have a container full of mini cupcakes...
maybe a mini cupcake for breakfast is just what the doctor ordered?

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