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I got a Kitchen Aid Mixer for my wedding and I have to say besides marrying my husband :), that was my favorite part of the day. It is amazing and I have heard they last forever! Now if only I can save up enough for the pasta making attachment. I will never leave the kitchen, lol

umm, love this round up! might have to get that sewing machine too!

I bought a kitchen aid mixer for relatively cheap last year on Black Friday, I am sad to say I don't use it nearly enough.

I bought the HK sewing machine a few years ago but I don't know how to sew, still :(

wow i am in love with that camera and nail polish! my favorite colors :)

I love my kitchen aid mixer so much it's ridiculous. When i moved I refused to pack it in a box and drove it in my car to my new place instead.

totally totally worth it

I would looooooove a kitchenaid mixer! Haha ONE DAY! Love the colour.

I registered for the hello kitty sewing machine for my wedding! haha

oh wow this is pretty much my ultimate want list. The kitchenaid, the sewing machine, and the mini diana. I want them all!

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