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yay giveaway! the thing most that id like to be doing on Halloween night is to be at a costume party having fun and dancing. and maybe a wine or two ;) id love to help decorate too and make yummy Halloween themed food.

Leslie U.
On Halloween night, I like to watch ghost stories on tv, stay up late because I'm scared and eventually sleep with the night light on >_<

favorite thing to do on Halloween night: eat lots of candies, what else?

Definitely dressing up and visiting some friends and then curling up at home with all the lights off watching scary movies all night long!

Hooraaay! Adorable!
My favourite thing to do is light lots of candles and snuggle up watching horror films (even though they scare me!)

We love to dress up our son and take him to our church's event. This year he's old enough to play some games and maybe even eat some candy!


One of the most memorable moments of Halloween that i've ever had was... probably "Santa Monica Halloween Walk" or something like that, tons of people are dressed up and walk around the designated area. Showing off their costumes, social interactions, drinking, tons of music, and having a good time outdoors. From a general perspective, its basically a HUGE outdoor costume show with food and beverages. Only problem with it is, theres going to be more people then you would think, if you enjoy crowds and the most random people/costumes then it is fantastic. =)

Oh yay!!! I am in love with this giveaway :) My favorite thing to do on Halloween is to go to my sister's big Costume party. Halloween is her husband's birthday so it's extra fun!!


I loooove to pass out candy to the kiddies on Halloween and see all of their adorable costumes!


My favorite thing to do on Halloween is dress up and go downtown with my friends! -Katie

Woohoo!!! You have the best giveaways, Miss Jenny! My favorite thing to do is take my kiddos trick-or-treating! They get so excited! But Grayson also loves getting back home so he can hand out treats too! Hope you're having a most wonderful day!!! xoxo

My favorite thing to do on Halloween night is go through the kids candy. I usually barter or beg for the chocolate :P Love this giveaway Jenny!!

Those nerdy socks are cute, all I wear is funky socks lol

I don't really celebrate halloween but for the past 2 years I've dressed my dog up (last year my cat too lol) in a costume to take to Petco for the costume contest :D

yay...i love those nerdy socks! ok..so my fave thing to do on Halloween night is to rifle through all the candy and impose the mommy tax - which basically means i get first pick on the mm's and snickers! hahah! xo Jen

Woo hoo! My favorite thing to do on Halloween night is pass out candy to the cute little trick-or-treaters! :)

eating a looooot of sweets of course :)
i don't know if this one is open for us internationals, but i'll try anyway

My favorite thing to do on Halloween is to eat candy that we bought for trick or treaters fully knowing that no one would show up! ;)

Although I hear that our new house is a hotspot for trick or treaters. We'll just have to buy a super lot so that we can have some leftovers! :)

Aw what a wonderful giveaway Jenny! I love it! My favourite thing to do on Halloween is to hand out candy with my boyfriend and my dog! My dog Squirt absolutely LOVES it because she thinks everyone who answers the door is there to see her! She gets so happy and excited, haha. It's adorable!

Fun Halloween costume parties are always the best, but passing out candy to the neighborhood kids is great too. :)

well my new favorite thing will be taking my daughter around to trick or treat for the very first time.

she's going to be a fairy :)

On Halloween night, I throw a HalloWine party, where I wear a Christmas themed costume, play mostly 80s tunes, and consume lots of wine with friends. :)

On Halloween night, I like to eat a bunch of candies until my teeth fall out.

i love handing out candy to trick or treaters and seeing all the cute costumes :)


ummm i love this giveaway. you & your blog are the shizz

My name is Erin and my favorite thing to do on Halloween is to take photographs of my friends and family in our outfits! Love Halloween and all the fun it brings!!!

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