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My favorite color is silver or green! What a great giveaway!! I'm in need of a planner. And I love yours!

yellow. right now it's definitely yellow. PS- love this calendar!

mexican ocean blue!! xo

crossing fingers and toes that I win a super cute RED one! :)

Pantone DS 1-1 C

my favorite color and the best color by far is ORANGE.

(orange you glad I didn't say purple?)

BLUE! Blue is the colour! Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea!

Ooh ooh! Give it away to me please!!!!!!

Yellow for me! Its bright and sunny like Jenny Lor!

Deep, rich red. Or purple. :) thanks!

Green! :D


Turquoise blue :) Lovely blog, by the way.

Aquamarine :)

Blue, definitely blue. Thanks, love! I hope I win!

Aqua blue teal turquoise type shade! :)

Mario RED!

Black and blue!!! I want it!!! =P

P.S. I didn't know there were other colors!

Crayola Robin egg blue because it reminds me of childhood. =)

I'd love a light blue one ms. lor!

Green! :)

Gray is my favorite color!

I love all pastel colors :)

I love green; blue is a close second!

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