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Happy Birthday beautiful friend!!!!! I think you did a great job at your goals and like you said, you focused on the important things. 28 is going to be the best!!!!

Happy Birthday! I think you did a great job on the list! :)

I think you did great on your goals. And you don't want to get ALL of them done in one year, you'd have nothing to do the following! Aaaaand, I would happily teach you to bake/cook anytime. :)


First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Even if you didn't accomplish everything you set out to do, you still had an amazing year! & sometimes goals that we set aren't as interesting as time goes on, hehe. :) Hope you have a lovely day and an AMAZING year!!!!!!

Well done :) Sounds like you had a great year. Well done for learning to say no and for having the strength to put yourself first :) Looks like you had fun. Happy birthday xo

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